June 23 Update

Hello everyone! As we enter into the last weekend weekend in June, people have asked me to post updates on the store on Friday night and not Saturday morning. So here we go.

Honey Fudges in stock:

Chocolate mint, Chocolate Walnut, Nelson County Harvest Apple, Vanilla, Chocolate Chai, and just regular Chocolate

Come in the store tomorrow, or click below to order online.

We also have a fresh back of Honey Caramel I made today. I will have a jar on the tasting table tomorrow. Come on by if you would like to taste a wonderful caramel sauce.

Also tomorrow I will either have honey doughnuts or biscuits to try for free with out honey. Maybe both depending on how the morning goes.

beeswax candle

Mom has been busy making candles and she is bringing some new candles to the store tomorrow morning:

Dandelion/Lemon Tea (8oz blue glass 2 and 3 clear glass);

Freesia/Jasmine (3 8oz clear glass and 2 10oz ceramic).

Other candles she is bringing: (the blue glass is new)

Lavender: 4 10oz ceramic, 3 8oz Blue Glass

Cinnamon/Sage 1 80z Glass

Honeysuckle/Jasmine 1 8oz glass, 2 10oz ceramic

2 10oz ceramicDandelion/Lemon Tea 2 8oz blue glass,3 8oz glass

Orange Blossom 2 8oz blue glass, 2 10oz ceramic

Our store is open 11-4 Saturday at 1437 Tye Brook Hwy Arrington, VA 22922 or order online anytime at LoveofHoney.com

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