You are currently viewing 40+ backers on Kickstarter! Thank you!

40+ backers on Kickstarter! Thank you!

Today I requested the 7 day extension on the kickstarter project they are giving to help out during the time of this crisis. It was approved.

Thank you to the 41 backers who believe in our project. I checked on our bees and they are doing well. This early spring has coerced the queens to lay more more eggs earlier than usual. Populations are growing at a nice pace for the spring nectar flow!

I have decided to go old school and package the honey in tins, much like chocolate from the 1920s. My question to you, would you be interested in the tins having a changing design over time? I think since this is 2020, I am going to go art deco with the first design. One of my favorite styles of art and architecture.

Tomorrow I will post photos of some new product ideas. I have been making honey caramel and working to not make it too hard or too soft. It tastes amazing either way, especially coated in dark chocolate!

Please, everyone stay safe and reduce your contact with other people. We will get through this together. You are amazing!

George Hatchell

Beekeeper, Chocolatier, Photographer, Hiker, Camper, Dad