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75 backers now. Thank you

Happy Saturday everyone! We had a surge of new pledges yesterday. Maybe we have an off chance of hitting our goal now. So thank you to the 75 of you craving chocolate covered honey!

I am playing in the kitchen this morning, tempering a pound of milk chocolate to be made into something new. Bill Withers is playing in the background. Such a great musician. I think my favorite song of his is “Use me”. Lenny Kravitz and Mick Jagger did a great cover of it in the 90s. Check it out. My second is Lovely Day. Great song to dance to with the kids in the kitchen during this lock down.

How is everyone holding up? I just finished week two of isolation. Just me and my Weimaraner watching the news and old movies and TV shows. Oh, and making chocolate covered honey products. I think that has helped me keep my sanity. There is just something about creating in the kitchen.

Everyone stay safe, keep your distance, and tell your family and friends you love them. Now go crank up Bill Withers in the kitchen. You will be happy you did.

George Hatchell

Beekeeper, Chocolatier, Photographer, Hiker, Camper, Dad