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Space launches, beeshirts and more!

Today is an exciting day. Not really for me, but for our country. I hope everyone pauses what they are doing to watch the space launch. Lots of history being made today. We need some good news after all that has gone down in our country.

Yesterday I got the B&W of the “Bought the farm” Beeshirt.

I like it. Marley looks pretty good. I will let you know when they go online for sale. The colorized version arrives today.

The artist that made it is Ed Hose. She has a very fun/funny adult coloring book if you want a special gift. Just look her up on Amazon.

I spent the day working on bottle labels. I am going to have to give up the skept jars (The ones that look like old fashioned hives)

The new jars will actually hold an extra ounce of honey, have a wider mouth, and allows me a much larger area. After I got the artwork last night, a light bulb went off and I have an idea for the whole line of labels. I’ll miss those jars above, but too expensive to label with two labels. So buy them while they last!

So this is exciting:

Yep, my very first official world wide UPC code. It’s for the blackberry honey, This means I can walk into any store and sell my product. Progress.

Yesterday tins, shipping boxes, and other little items for the orders were ordered for the kickbackers. More progress.

Have a great Wednesday! Be safe, stay away from people. Go tell someone you love them today. And after that, watch a space launch!

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