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New Contest

It’s been awhile since our last contest. Here is one for all the Instagram users. I just started the Instagram page for Love of Honey and we’d love to have followers so it doesn’t look like I’m just a lonely farmer that hangs out with bees.

Prizes (going to give three packages of the below) :

  • Tin of chocolate covered honey.
  • Six pack of S’mores
  • Five pack of Lip Balm
  1. Follow us on Instagram. You must have an Instagram account to become eligible for the contest.
  2. Tell us more about your small business and use the hashtags: #LoveofHoneyGiveaway #LoveofHoneysendmesomelove

Who said you can’t teach a old beekeeper new social media tricks? Ok, I actually stole the idea from another company we use for shipping. But that still learning, right?

OK, good luck. Like last time, winner will be notified by instagram or email.

George Hatchell

Beekeeper, Chocolatier, Photographer, Hiker, Camper, Dad