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New Products coming soon. An Apple a Day

So today in Virginia it is in the 90s.  People are cranky and driving like idiots.  

I checked three bee yards and the bees are doing ok.  I make sure there is a water source near every yard for hot days.  Bees bring in three things to the hive; nectar, pollen and water.  So if a hive is in need of water, a bee bringing in pollen gets ignored.  It then figures it out and goes to get H2O.  They are fascinating little bugs.

When I was in Maine, we had 100+ year old apple trees growing feral everywhere.  Bygones to the 1800s when apples were a big crop for them.  A friend of mine sent me a large dehydrator as payment on a farm item he “bought”.  So naturally I spent my nights playing with it.  Moose jerky, dried wild blueberries, etc.  But the best product was the honey soaked apple crisps.  I’d send them by the pound to my kids.

In June the first of the apples came into season here in Virginia. Lodi apples are a wonderful tart green apple.  The honey pairs really well with it.  

I spoke with an apple farmer today and can get some before they are gone.  It is a short season apple and he’s doing me a favor by saving me some.  I picked up a peck today and will make some tonight with different honeys.  I won’t add them as an add on, but will post how many I have on the web site in a day or two.

So that’s whats going on today on in my life.  

Thank you for all the support!  I told the peanut farmer where we were and he didn’t understand the concept but was amazed.  He works hard and doesn’t deal with the internet or social media.  I’m kind of jealous.  

Another item I am going to finalize this weekend is a fluffy honey spreadable marshmallow.  One recipe is with chocolate and crumbs of my honey graham cookie in the jar.  And one with just chocolate.  Then we do a  test to see how they will ship in the heat.

So stay cool, be kind to others and yourself.  

George and Marley

PS.  If you live in NYC I will be exploring the fancy foods show the end of November.  Hit me up and lets grab dinner or a beer.

PPS: Be sure to win free lip balm.  See the contest rules here.  It is only open to you kickstarter backers.

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