Happy Wednesday- Updates on all going on

Hi folks!

I hope your week is going well.

We are working on opening up the new farm. Many meeting with different contractors and what not. Today I bought all the appliances I need. Funny story, I guess I looked like the wrath of God when I walked in because he said he didn’t “sell cheap used appliance”. 30 minutes later I bought his “cheap dinged appliances”, so jokes on him.

Plumber is set. Roof is set. Gutters are set. Electricity is done and fine.

We have had a few problems with Square and I havent had time to figure out what. They have declined a few subscriptions for various reasons. Could be card has expired, or they didnt like the charge. I’ll deal with them in December.

Also have had problems with shipping charges. Friggin plugin tried to charge a woman more for shipping than her 10 marshmallow bites costed. So tonight I turned all that off. There are only two shipping charges now. $8.50, and free over a certain amount. Done with bad plugins and shipping companies overcharging. We now use Sendle exclusively and they carbon offset. So I’m happy.

Bees are doing well. This year we have had less than 10% loss rate, which is better than colonies in mother nature. They are now well fed and buttoned down for winter. Working on buying more bees for 2022.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

George and Marley

George Hatchell

Beekeeper, Chocolatier, Photographer, Hiker, Camper, Dad