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Kickstarter made us a project they love!

It was such good news to see we are selected as a project kickstarter loves! Thanks to the staff for selecting us! It means a lot! And that’s a lot of exclamations!

So yesterday I posted a riddle: What is it that has a Grandfather but no Father, has a Grandson but no Son?

The answer is a Drone bee (The male in the hive). A drone is produced by the queen by laying an unfertilized egg. Thus no father. But the queen has a father, so the drone has a grandfather. The drone then mates with a queen. She lays fertilized eggs from him, producing daughters only (so he has no sons). One of those may be a future queen, producing him grandsons.

There is one exception to this whole thing though. Can you tell me what it is? Answer tomorrow.

George Hatchell

Beekeeper, Chocolatier, Photographer, Hiker, Camper, Dad